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Block-structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Methods for Conservation Laws
Theory, Implementation and Application

Structured adaptive mesh refinement (SAMR) techniques aim at preserving the high computational performance achievable on uniform grids on a hierarchically adapted non-uniform mesh. The approach is in use at all Department of Energy laboratories. The course gives an overview of the mathematical background, details the employed algorithms, and summarizes practically relevant applications and their implementation.

Animated PDF lecture material (points to movie directory)
0. Introduction: Structure of course and references (70 kB)
1. Fundamentals: Used Schemes and mesh adaptation (1.7 MB)
2. The SAMR method for hyperbolic problems (2.3 MB)
3. Complex hyperbolic applications (7.1 MB)
4. Using the SAMR approach for elliptic problems (658 kB)
5. Design of SAMR systems, advanced parallelization, usage (2.6 MB)

One slides per page with room for notes (7.8 MB)
Four slides per page (7.0 MB)
Lecture notes (3.3 MB)

Lecture 5 includes a demonstration of the SAMR software AMROC/VTF. Prepare an own Linux workstation or laptop for this exercise as follows:
1. Set up your system for source code development and scientific visualization. A short PDF document (bring printout!) lists the tools to install.
2. Download the installation files for the HDF4 libraries used by AMROC. A bundled software package (5.4 MB) including a build script has been prepared to simplify this otherwise errorprone step.

3. Download the source codes for AMROC/VTF from the download page. For this exercise, the file AMROC-Clawpack-1.0.tgz (7.8 MB) is sufficient.

Presented at
1. Multi-resolution Summer School, Frejus, 06/14 - 06/18/2010
2. University of Tennessee Knoxville, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences, 07/26-07/30/2010
3. University of Campinas, Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing, 09/29/2010
4. University of Cambridge, Centre for Scientific Computing, 05/04-05/06/11
5. University of Tennessee Knoxville, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences, 07/25-07/29/2011


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